Team Building: Tallest Structure

We began our week with a team building activity!

We were put in teams and we had to create a free standing structure in 10 minutes. Our only materials were: 
-30 cm of masking tape 
- A big piece of paper. 

Using our communication skills.

Here are all the different structures completed. 

The Sky Toucher ended up being the tallest free standing structure. 

Spirit Week!

This week is Spirit Week! 

Look at how good we look today! Can you guess what characters we are?


At the beginning our our Scientific Process Unit The Gliding Squids came up with an experiment based on the following materials.

-3 eggs
-3 jars

After, lots of discussion we decided to put one egg in a jar with water, one egg in a jar with vinegar and the third egg in a jar with vinegar and water.

Some of our testable questions are as follows:

-How do the different liquids (water, vinegar, and water and vinegar) affect the texture of the eggs in the jar?

-At the end of the experiment which egg will be cracked the most out of the 3 jars?

-What will happen to the appearance of the eggs if you submerge them in water, vinegar and water and vinegar?

-Will the 3 eggs have different textures after putting them in vinegar, half water and vinegar, and water?

-What happens to an egg put in a jar of vinegar, vinegar and water, or water for 4 1/2 weeks?

-What changes will I see on the egg if I put eggs in vinegar, water, and water and vinegar?

As we have already had them submerged in these liquids for 4 1/2 weeks we decided to take them out and observe what really happened.

discussing what we notice

recording observations 

After we concluded that experiment one of the students came up with the bright idea of continuing with another experiment using the egg that was submerged in water and the egg that was submerged in vinegar. 

Groups decided to create their own testable questions and hypotheses. 
One of the groups took the following video to figure out which egg would hit the ground first. 

Can you see which one did? 

Yes, you guessed it the one that was submerged in water hit the ground befe the one that was submerged in vinegar did. 

Figurative Language

Today we spent our lesson on figurative language using a creative spin, MUSIC!!!!

Can you figure out the examples for the different types of figurative language used in the music below?

Are we scientists?

We recently did a very interesting experiment called Ahoy Matey! 

The experiment allowed us to use our Math skills to help us be scientists.  

Scenario: You are a shipwrecked pirate who has just found some treasure on a deserted island! In order to get off the island with all of the treasure, you will need to make a boat that can carry it all. Too bad you made your master ship builder walk the plank! Now you’re on your own. Argh!

Purpose: Your goal is to create a boat that will hold the most weight possible WITHOUT taking on water.

Materials allowed / “guidelines”:
30 cm of tape - maximum. Clear or masking tape.
30cm by 30 cm wax paper
30cm by 30 cm aluminum foil
4 popsicle sticks
4 straws
All materials must be recycled - had a previous use.
You will build this in class independently of with a partner.

Are you interested in finding out what happened?

Stay tuned for more information :)